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A young girl blinded by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima.Christer Strömholm
The execution of Polish men on Bloody Sunday. Bydgoszcz, 1939. Unattributed
A bus ride in Dallas, 1956. Unattributed
An American soldier and a German prisoner of war. Ardennes, 1944. Unattributed
A soldier stands amidst the war-torn landscape of Thiepval, 1916. Unattributed
American troops hold a boxing match on the trip home from France, 1918. Unattributed
Children exit school with the ‘Hitlergruß’. Germany, 1933. Unattributed
Jewish children say goodbye to their parents after being separated for deportation. Lodz, 1942.Unattributed
Americans of Japanese ancestry await relocation to internment camps further inland. Arcadia, California, 1942.
Japanese marines face a tank. The Battle of Shanghai, 1937. Unattributed
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